“Foggy Woods” Desktop Wallpaper

This awesome “Foggy Woods” Desktop Wallpaper is very cool and seen in Vuzoks YouTube Channel Art.

Foggy Woods Minecraft HD High Definition Blue Ray Wallpaper Desktop Background Herobrine Biome


“Syndicate” Skin

Ever watched The Syndicate Project? Well you should! and heres his skin!

The Synidcate Projects Minecraft Skin Zombie in Suit Download Install HD Hot To Where Why Free XboxSyndicate wears this cool Zombie in a suit skin during all of his videos and now you can to!

 Hot To Where Why Free Xbox

3D View of Syndicates Skin

“Ethoslab” Skin

Here is Ethoslabs Minecraft skin!

Ethoslab Minecraft Skin Image Picture Description and Downloadit is based on the character “Kakashi Hatake” from the Japanese manga and anime franchise “Naruto”. In episode 234 of Ethos Minecraft Let’s Play, he revealed during the Question & Answer that he chose the “Kakashi” skin because when looking for a Minecraft skin at the time it was the most detailed skin he could find although there are many more detailed ones now, Etho also noted that before using the “Kakashi” skin he had worn a “Super Mario” skin which Sethbling now wears, Great minds think alike!

Ethoslab Minecraft Skin Image Picture Description and Download

3D View of Ethos “Kakashi” Skin