Creative Mode

Creative Mode

Creative mode is one of the four game modes in Minecraft. There are 2 separate versions of creative mode, one offered within the full game, while the other, Classic creative mode, can be played without charge on the game’s main web site. Creative mode strips away the survival aspects of Minecraft and permits players to simply build and break structures. Creative mode lets players to break all blocks instantly (including normally-indestructible blocks like bedrock) along with ability to fly. Players are given an infinite amount of blocks to build with and no health bar almost making the player invincible. Although there are still ways in which to die including the  /kill command, or to fall into The Void. Taking advantage of creative mode, players create amazing builds. Creative mode is additionally used in mini-games, such as Spleef.

Amazing Creative Mode Minecraft Build NFL Stadium with Blimp

Amazing NFL Stadium Creative Mode Build


Once a singleplayer Creative mode level is made, if cheats are enabled, it can be switched to a Survival world (or vice-versa) using /gamemode <0/1> <player>; command. In multiplayer, players are often be switched between Creative, Survival and Adventure mode using the /gamemode <0/1> <player> command available to server operators. zero signifies Survival, one is Creative , and three of is Adventure (works solely on vanilla servers). This means that players can play inventive mode (if allowed by the server operator) in a Survival world, or vice-versa. the game mode can even be modified by typing /gamemode Creative for Creative mode, /gamemode Survival for Survival or /gamemode Adventure, etc…

Amazing Creative Mode Minecraft Build glass blue wool superflat worl creation building biggest

An Amazing Structure Build Using Creative Mode


When playing Creative mode, the default inventory screen is replaced by the item selection screen, which displays almost all blocks and items in a simple categorized tab interface. There is also a block/item search bar allowing faster play. One tab gives the player a Survival-like inventory, with armor slots. A few items will behave differently in Creative than in Survival mode; For example, tools have no durability bar and are unbreakable or empty buckets will never fill with water or lava, and water and lava buckets never empty, this is a result of the infinite blocks and items feature in Creative.

Screenshot of Minecraft Creative Mode Minecraft inventory UI Interface Easier

A Screenshot of the Creative Mode Inventory Interface

Dropped objects may be picked up by the player, however if the hotbar is already full, they go into the Survival inventory.


The player can fly, this is done by double tapping the Space key and then holding space to go up and shift to move downwards, the WASD keys (default) allow the player to move. The player can disable flying while in flight by double-tapping space again, and they will fall to the ground. Touching the ground when in flight will also disable flying. But, entering a minecart or bed during flight will not disable flying when the player gets out.

Flying in Minecraft Creative Mode How to Invincable Cant Fly Space

A Player Flying in Creative Mode Minecraft

Pick Block

The player can quickly and easily get items using the “pick block” key (middle mouse button by default). This allows players to get many other blocks that are not in the item select tabs,for Example, Nether portal, monster spawner, End portal, and the dragon egg. In SMP, all items not in the Creative inventory, and enchanted items, will momentarily appear in the Creative inventory upon being placed in the player’s regular inventory, allowing players to duplicate enchanted items. It is an easy way to make large or expensive builds and creations.


Just like Survival mobs will still spawn at night, in low light levels, from eggs or from spawners, but are neutral and will only attack if provoked (like Zombie Pigmen in Survival). If they are their attacks will do no damage. But Creepers are still a danger, as they can sill blow up your buildings.

Minecraft Creative Mode Mob Attack Zombie Invasion Mini Game wallpaper picture hd

Zombie Horde Attacking Player

Block Changes

Some items and blocks are only available in Creative mode, including sponges and spawn eggs. Usually indestructible blocks such as bedrock or end portal frameblocks can also be destroyed. Blocks that are destroyed withoutclicking on them (destroying a block it is attached to, using TNT, breaking sand using a torch, ect..) can still be picked up. Although, paintings, minecarts, powered minecarts and storage minecarts can be picked up when destroyed by left clicking.

Minecraft Sponge Block Creative Mode How to Get BOttom of the sea

Buildings made of Sponge

Terrain Changes

The terrain generation for Creative mode is the exact same as Survival but using Creative players can enter the void and travel above the 255 block building limit by flying. If a player flies high enough above the clouds, it will appear as if there are two suns, when actually, both the sun and the moon are visible. This is a result game’s limited render distance; changing it will only increase or decrease the height needed to see this.

Amazing Creative Mode Minecraft Wiki Sunrise Craftpedia 2 Suns Block Build Height

Minecraft Desert Sunrise